Final Technical Workshop

The LD-SAFE Final Technical Workshop was held at Onet Technocenter during two sessions:

  • May 30th, with nuclear and industry stakeholders, operators, RTO, and TSO.
  • May 31st, with students, young graduates, industry stakeholders, and the public.

Main project achievements were presented and an underwater laser cutting demonstration was performed with a representative mock-up. The technology (in-air and underwater) is now mature to address future dismantling projects.

Thanks to all participants for their fruitful technical exchanges, as well as for the worthwhile presentations and discussions, and thanks to the European Commission to make this project feasible.

Final LD-SAFE project outcomes will be publicly available in the upcoming weeks, highlighting the laser cutting guidelines, online training course, and the demonstrator technical report. Keep posted!

#lasercutting #laser4decommissioning

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