Advisory Board

The Advisory Board plays the role of an ecosystem for providing inputs for running the project and for ensuring the match between project results and market, societal, and environmental needs. It is composed of members of the Expert Group, End User Group, and Support Group.

End User Group

Dismantling Operators and Contractors, Research & Technology Organizations and Technical Safety Organizations interested in the results of the project

The End User Group is established to ensure project activities adequately address the conditions and restrictions of nuclear facilities during decommissioning, and to increase the visibility of the project. The following End Users have already signed the NDA:

Expert Group

Experts on laser safety, conventional cutting techniques for dismantling of reactor pressure vessels and internals, nuclear safety, and dismantling project management

The Expert Group will monitor and redirect when needed the scientific developments, project management and the strategy for the dissemination of results. The following organizations have an expert participating in the LD-Safe project:

Support Group

Groups with activities whose inputs or outputs are connected to LD-SAFE objectives

The Support Group members act primarily as observers, although they can share their views  and participate in technical workshops. For the moment, the group is composed of: