General Assembly Meeting 2022, Tecnatom premises

The LD-SAFE second General Assembly Meeting took place on October 5th, 2022, at Tecnatom premises. We were delighted to meet in person and have worthwhile presentations and discussions. As the Group of Experts indicated, “while lasers are now widely used in industry, nuclear facilities have some additional risks that require to be understood before the technology can be deployed. The LD-SAFE project is making great progress in quantifying these issues and determining the operating parameters for its safe use, which should allow the early widespread adoption of the technology”.

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LD-SAFE at SNE 2022

On September 28th, LD-SAFE was presented in the Spanish Nuclear Society annual event (SNE 2022), focusing on the safety evaluations performed within the project.

Thanks to all the participants, and if you did not attend SNE 22, check for LD-SAFE in upcoming events.

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