LD-SAFE contribution and acknowledgement

During the recent #FISA2022 in Lyon (France), LD-SAFE were presented through a common presentation on several H2020 projects. It is necessary to rapidly bring to maturity technologies (i.e. LASER cutting) which will make the dismantling operations more efficient, safer and more cost-effective. More information on LinkedIn post from Inno4Graph https://bit.ly/3xeaz9G

Thanks to the European Commission and CEA to have given us the opportunity to showcase our project’ objective and upcoming results.

For project information, visit www.ldsafe.eu

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Meetings with the Advisory Board


During March 2022, LD-SAFE project technical aspects and progress were presented to the Advisory Board. Two sessions were performed: 

  • 08th of March 2022: WP2 – Laboratory trials and calculations, and WP3 – Protection of the workers and environment. 
  • 15th of March 2022: WP4 – Safety assessment, and WP5 – Case studies / Demonstrator. 

Thanks to the Advisory Board for their fruitful participation, and thanks all for the worthwhile presentations and discussions.

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Conferences & Events with LD-SAFE in 2021

2021 was full of events where LD-SAFE participated actively.

2022 will surely bring new project results. Hope to see you this year!


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LD-Safe public session at WNE

LD-SAFE was presented at the WNE on December 1st 2021. Thanks to all the public that participated in the event. If you missed it, you still have the opportunity to watch the session.

You can keep posted on the upcoming events in our social media. Hope to see you all in 2022!

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LD-Safe at the WNE 2021 – Agenda

WNE Paris 2021 is almost here.  Don’t miss LD-SAFE on December 1 at 9.30am, Hall 7 – Workshop 2. We will present the project, laser technology and most relevant safety aspects, saving time for technical exchanges and networking. Looking forward to seeing you!

9:30am – Welcome & LD-SAFE presentation

  • LD-SAFE project (D. ROULET & P. DAGUIN, ONET Technologies)
  • Laser cutting technology (I. DOYEN, CEA)
  • Safety aspects of the project (J. RUIZ, TECNATOM)
  • Q&A session

10:00am: Exchanges / Networking (25 minutes)


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General Assembly Meeting 2021, CEA Saclay

The first General Assembly Meeting took place the 26th of October of 2021 at CEA Saclay. We all were delighted to meet in person and walk through the test facilities that will be used along the project.

Thanks to the EC Project Officer and Group of Experts for their fruitful participation, and thanks all for the worthwhile presentations and discussions!

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Project Progress

The LD-SAFE project is progressing towards its defined objectives, having the two first milestones completed:

  • Milestone 1: Agreement on the specifications for the dismantling of reactor components. It created a base for the specification of laboratory tests and calculations, safety assessments, and the demonstrator.
  • Milestone 2: Completion of qualification activities in the Technology Qualification Plan. The plan identifies main technology maturity and integration risks and the actions to address them along the project for achieving technology goals.

Efforts are now focused on achieving next project milestones: laboratory tests, safety assessment, demonstrator, and project workshop.

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LD-SAFE at the WNE

LD-SAFE project will be presented the 1st of December at 9.30am in a WNE public workshop.

We will be pleased to have technical discussions with the participants. Stay informed, since the detailed agenda will be available shortly.

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LD-SAFE at the SFEN conference (DEM 2021)

LD-SAFE was presented at the SFEN conference (DEM 2021) on September 16th by our project coordinator, Damien Roulet.

You can keep posted on the upcoming events in our social media.

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Are you keen to know more about laser cutting for dismantling of nuclear reactors? You can see in this video what LD-SAFE project envisages.

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